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Botanical Sketch

Drawing and Painting

We hear lots of kids this age saying “But I don’t know howwwww to draw!!!!!!”. We're pretty sure you've probably heard it too from your child when they started doodling and sketching but just can't draw certain aspects of what they wanted.  At Drawing and Painting We enjoy creating a space for your child to slow down, be in the moment, and be comfortable learning a new technical skill. This class is a great social experience and opportunity to share ideas, brainstorm as a class, and make big decisions about their personal art!

We paint, we draw, we use fine art materials like liquid watercolors, richly pigmented chalk & oil pastels, tempera + acrylic paints, and unique surfaces, tools and heavyweight papers.  Our talented & experienced instructors deliver a balanced mix of both instructional age-appropriate projects and open-ended, process-based creative prompts that leave the subject matter up to the individual artist! 

Every Student Keeps their very own Journal Sketchbook A great way to observe their thought process and even gradual progress along the way! 

* Class is Suitable For Children 6 and Up 

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